A beautiful and distinguished familyLiars

A private island

A brilliant, damaged girl;

A passionate, political boy

A group of four friends

—the Liars—

Whose friendship turns destructive. A revolution. An accident. A secret.

Lies upon lies. True love. The truth.

Read it. And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.


I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I had to with this book. I need a mourning period though just thinking about it makes my heart-ache [I’m an empathic type of girl, the struggle is real.]

If and when you read this book you should know not to reveal the secrets otherwise the book is ruined and won’t have the impact that it truly deserves. It’s best to go into this blind and deaf… the less you know the better, just know John Green said it was good, it must be good.

This book is so seductive with its secrets, E. Lockhart is phenomenal. I’ve only read two of her books but they were both exceptional in the use of retrospective.

Most of the story takes place in Summer, but this is not your typical summer read this is more psychological.

The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my rib cage and down into a flower bed.

That’s how I felt when I finished the book.

The setting is well built and believable, the characters have depth, and body. They had beautiful contraditions like normal people. Lockhart really grasps the thought process of a teenage mind through the four teenagers. And the connection they have with each other, the easy relationship confined to summer [that I'm not unfamiliar with.]

And hot damn the metaphors and figurative language in this novel is so beautiful and powerful, the kind of impact I have rarely experienced is impressive.

Though when reading this I was unsure where this was goin to go we have an unreliable narrator, with amnesia this could have went anywhere.

I went through an abundance of outcomes of what happens because I really I just didn’t know. But Lockhart is sly, there are crumbs in the most unexpected places, that I only realised in the end.

You’ll see In the end, and when you get there, lets keep it a secret.


In response to when they say “They have my daughter.”
- dramatic pause, followed by whoever the father told
doing whatever the father needs.

Or something along those lines, I’m paraphrasing.
Honestly they need a new story line. Be sure to know
women are not always the helpless beings in the story
sometimes it’s a dude.

I have no concern for your daughter.
I neither lost her nor did I take her.
if you want to find her so be it.
but she is not my priority
I will not risk my life for hers
because you were too idle to protect her.




this guiled caged of mine

no this rusted, flaking broken


it has me

I want to be free

I fear this is forever my life

I fear the future

I fear failure

I fear the Pin, the depression, the tears

The complete heavy hollowness

That will fill me, that has

filled me

but there’s no need to fear

Because, I am my own jailor

my mine, caged rusted

I began digging my grave

A while ago

It’s time for a break.

I think.

He smelled so sweet
It was the energy drinks.
He consumed them hourly
They ‘masked’ the erratic behaviour
Caused by the cocaine.
His sweetness.

Inspired by the Mindy Project and her drugged-up ex-boyfriend. Who was totally hot.

- Lexa

DyingAs he lay, his body in a flux of either daunting numbness that encapsulated his body, with a deep scariness that filled him with an endless passion to end his life because living with nothing but a head triggered an emotion within him that he had never encountered before. Or a wailing pain that resonated throughout his body. A sensation that gave the feeling of every body, muscle, tendon, strength and will was being torn part slowly. The way you peel the skin off your finger when you’re trying not to cause more damage; except now it was being done to cause more damage.

Where her fingers touched, it was a dull throbbing left in its place, the sweet ache giving him hope that he could be fixed. The whisper that brushed his eyes soothed the burning that they held. The words she spoke, with such softness contained power and her fierce passion.

“I cannot stop you from dying, but I can delay it, I can sooth your body somewhat and we can stay here together for the remaining time.’

As he lay, his mind letting the words float and sink down. He thought what a fool he was. Now dying, he decided he didn’t want to die, breathing her breaths, hearing her thoughts, looking into her eyes and seeing the whole universe span out before him. Knowing her depth and vastness, knowing he was unworthy but believing she didn’t think that and knowing that even if she did she wouldn’t mind. His selfishness blinded him. But this was inevitable. He knew long ago that when he found love that he would make sure he died first. So he would live the pain of knowing she was gone. That she was only lonely again. And always spluttering to find breath because he only could breathe with her.

But he rather die first then be left the lonely one.


I am the Narrator

 And I am a Weapon

My words the Trigger

 But my Voice the Action.

- Let me speak the words

They creep up

The spout

That is my neck.

My words are my Power

My Power fights for Justice

This is a monologue.


It will slay the World’s


-The Warrior


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