Horns the film adaption of the novel of the same name by Joe hill, was so good.

Let me elaborate the cinematography as long as the acting, the soundtrack, plot and placing fitted so well together so much so that in the middle of the film I declared no only that I would get the DVD but also I would get the soundtrack and read the book because it was so damn good.

I went into this film relatively unaware of what it was about and what was going to happen. At first this was because I didn’t plan to watch the film, and then I was persuaded to watch the film under the contract of the oh so famous pinky promise when I was slightly tipsy.

The things I knew were:

  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Horns
  • Devil

That was literally the extent of my prior knowledge of the film, it was the best decision I made, throughout the film I was unaware of the actual genre of the film, (dark fantasy thriller) but it was oh so much more, it was a horror and a romance it was fantasy fiction and so real.

Not knowing what was happening it made every twist ten times better, of course with my amazing deductive reasoning I was able to predict some things. I’ll tell you this before we get into the spoilery section. There are a lot of British people in this film with not so great American accents.


Ignatius Daniel Radcliffe

Mirren (Ig’s Girlfriend) Juno Temple

Lee (Ig’s Best  Friend) Max Minghella

Terry (Ig’s Bro) Joe Anderson

Okay I’ll outline for you.

Film begins Ig is being all cute with his girl you get an amazing shot that I can’t even describe then we see Ig being tormented and followed by reporters, calling him the devil. ( I think this is an overreaction in retrospect and unbelievable). The whole town thinks he murdered the love of his life and left her in the woods. and to make the whole situation worse horns grown out of his head, but they help Ig search for the person who actually killed Mirren.

That’s the whole story, well there all the religious references but its so beautiful and shocking and moreish. I need more films like this in  my life we all need something like this to shake up our cinematic viewing and pull away from the countless familiar action movies and stay close with the dramas and thrillers because that’s where the real shit goes down and hits the fan.

This film is a must see.


People ask honesty of me.

I give it to them.

but they want my lies to be the truth

and my truth to be lies.

I’m tired of answering your

Questions honestly for you

to call me a con man!

Have you no faith in me?


I found out what’s been

drowning me,

Suffocating me till i weep.

It’s the silence,

The silence,

it climbs up my

Oesophagus and rolls off

my tongue in turrets,



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